Avis Rent-A-Car System

In addition to infrastructure upgrade avoidance, the GreenStationTM energy storage reduced demand charges, with $2,000 saved per month during peak summer time in NY when demand charge rates are at a premium.

In 2011, Avis Rent-A-Car intended to offer electric vehicles as an option to customers arriving at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. They had a challenge - the existing electrical infrastructure on site cannot support the twenty-one Level 2 EV chargers Avis wanted to install, and the service upgrade would have cost more than half a million dollars and interrupted operations for several weeks. Green Charge Networks proposed a novel solution - combining 10 kW of PV solar and a 100kW/64kWh energy storage system, we were able to install the twenty-one EVSEs without a service upgrade.

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Project Name: Avis Rent-A-Car

Location: La Guardia Airport, NYC

Project Dates: February 2011 - Early 2014

System Size: 100kW / 64kWh

Challeges: Solar PV, electric vehicle charging, Port Authority special permits

Results: Reduced demand charges by $2,000 per month
Integrated with solar PV and electric vehicle charging