• Green Charge

    The leader in smart grid enabled intelligent energy storage solution for commercial and industrial customers.
  • GreenStation™.

    Award winning GreenStation™ intelligent energy storage system flattens peak demand throughout the billing cycle.
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  • Power Efficiency AgreementSM

    Introducing the Power Efficiency AgreementSM (PEASM), our shared savings model, with No Cost, No Risk, and Just Savings.
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  • Demand Charge Reduction

    Power (kW) efficiency is the next frontier in savings, complementing solar, EV charging, and energy efficiency measures.
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  • Smart Grid Enabled
    & ROI Driven

    For most commercial and industrial users, intelligent energy storage is the next step in efficiency savings.
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Upgrade to Intelligent Energy Storage: Next Frontier in Savings

PEA announcement

PEASM to complement Solar Photo-Voltaic solutions for Commercial and Industrial customers

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PEASM to complement Electric Vehicle Charging solutions for cities and schools nationwide

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PEASM for Demand Charge Reduction to enable workplace and commercial buildings to be more power efficient

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